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German Offset Screwdriver Showdown

Today we have a face-off of balanced out screwdrivers from 4 significant German device brand names. The ideas for this video clip came when I was recovering a German-made Ideal commercial shredder and also required a balanced out screwdriver to make a change on a hide Philips screw after I currently had whatever back with each other. I recognized I had one someplace yet I could not discover it and also wound up making use of a 1/4″ little bit a set of pliers. So I assumed it would certainly be an excellent chance to grab as well as contrast numerous German countered screwdrivers.

Offset Screwdriver Candidates

Offset screwdrivers, additionally referred to as cranked and also right-angle screwdrivers, are made use of for accessing screws with really little head space clearance as a result of disturbance with various other things. It is commonly the situation the only factor you are making use of among these is since the designer that made the device you are servicing really did not choose the best bolts or leave adequate clearance to obtain an appropriate device therein.


I attempted to grab a mix Philips # 1/ # 2 from each of the brand names we are contrasting. However, it does not look like Felo presently supplies this mix in the North American market, so I needed to go for a # 2 and also slotted mix. I did see that they have much more options offered in the German-version of their directory.

Gedore Catalog Extract

Felo Catalog Extract

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Wiha Catalog Extract


Currently we’ll take a peek at each of the prospects prior to diving right into the face-off:

Felo 57557

First off is the Felo 57557 made in Germany. Out of the 4, this is the just one that comes a multiple-use bag which I can see beneficial if you intended to hang this on a device board. The device has a great size as well as I such as the ribs supplied near completion of each side. The total size is around 133.5 mm or 5.25 inches with a shank size of 6mm or around 0.25 inches. The system evaluates 35 grams or concerning 1.25 ounces which is the 2nd heaviest prospect.

Felo Offset Screwdriver

Felo 57557

Gedore 174-1

Successive is the Gedore 174-1 made in the Czech Republic. KC Tool shows that this is made in the Czech Republic despite the fact that it is stamped Germany. This is not all that unusual for items from nations with much less rigid COO regulations. This is a much shorter system with a matte nickel surface. The general size is around 103mm or 4 1/16″ with a shank size of 6mm. The system considers 27 grams or regarding 1 ounce as well as is the lightest of the prospects.

Gedore Offset Screwdriver

Gedore 174-1

Wera 017205

Next we have actually Wera 017205 made in Germany. It is fascinating that this is made in Germany because the large bulk of Wera’s items originate from their manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. So I’m not exactly sure if this is a rebranded item from one more German maker. The general size is around 128mm or 5 inches with a shank size of 6mm. The device considers 37 grams or concerning 1.3 ounces which is the heaviest of the 4.

Wera Offset Screwdriver

Wera 017205


Ultimately we have the Wiha 16112. The layout of the Wiha is really comparable to the Wera, yet there are some distinctions so I do not assume that they made in the very same manufacturing facility. The total size is around 125mm or 4 15/16″ with a shank size of 5.5 mm. The device considers 30 grams or concerning 1.05 ounces, which is the 2nd lightest prospect.

Wiha Offset Screwdriver

Wiha 16112

Examination Criteria

To examine the screwdrivers, I produced a collection of specifications that I really felt essential to the style of the motorist and also designated a weight to every such that the overall appeared to 100%. The adhering to are the groups that I made use of to price each of the chauffeurs:

Evaluation Criteria

  • Little bit Fit– 40%– How well does the little bit seat in the bolt. The far better the fit the much less most likely there will certainly be a webcam out.
  • Arm Length– 25%– Since this is a countered screwdriver, the much shorter you can make completions of the motorist the much less clearance you will certainly require to get to the bolt.
  • Price– 15%– The shed the price the much better obviously.
  • Joint Design– 10%– How well are the joints made and also does it resemble they will certainly stand up gradually.
  • Comfort designs– 5%– How comfy is the take care of.
  • Surface Area Finish and also Build Quality– 5%– The devices with the far better viewed surface area coating will certainly rank greater.

Naturally numerous of these groups are completely subjective as well as my point of view might not match the top priorities that individuals might have. In each of the classifications, each brand name will certainly be designated a number 1 via 4 with 1 being the very best as well as 4 the most awful. At the end the heavy ratings will certainly be amounted to and also the brand name with the most affordable rating will certainly be the victor.

Currently it’s time to for the face-off. We will certainly begin with the group with the least heavy rating as well as proceed as much as one of the most heavy.

The Showdown

Surface Area Finish/ Build Quality

It is shocking exactly how various the surface area coating of the 4 wound up being. Simply mosts likely to reveal you that there is an argument despite the specific producers regarding which procedure transcends. The Gedore and also Wera devices assert to be nickel layered, while the Wiha asserts to have a hard-chrome surface. The Felo does not show the sort of layering made use of. This actually isn’t the video clip to enter into the distinctions in between chrome as well as nickel plating, however they are both usually costly as well as time consuming procedures that call for a large amount of quality assurance.

I did see a little imperfection in the Gedore system that I think is an issue referred to as identifying. This occurs when a section of the steel cools down at a various price. Not actually a huge offer as it is simply a simply aesthetic issue. The steel coating of the remainder of the devices looks great and also I did not see any type of problems.

Gedore Finish Spotting

In regards to construct high quality these are all extremely well made. If I truly needed to quibble at anything it would certainly be the harsh cutting work of the plastic shaped take care of on the Wera device.

Poor Handle Trim on Wera

I did not see any type of production problems on the Felo or Wiha systems so they were close however I wound up liking the Wiha over the Felo since I directly like a matte coating over the intense chrome one. Complied with by the Wera and after that the Gedore, both of which had extremely small flaws.

Surface Area Finish Scoring

Comfort designs

Comfort designs is an additional group that is absolutely subjective. While the Wiha and also Wera systems have comparable take care of styles, I choose the Wera due to the added ridge that they give at the end of the shaped plastic deal with.

I locate that the Gedore system is a little also tiny to hold it in your manage without stabbing on your own with the various other end.

The one I such as the very best is the Felo due to the ribs that they supply which will certainly assist when making use of these in oily problems. I additionally such as the added size that the device offers.

Functional design Scoring

Joint Design

Next we check out the layout of the appropriate angle joints to see just how they were created. 3 of the systems showed up to utilize a style whereby they develop the best angle that generates a little notch in the steel. This notch can have been developed by a roller pressing the steel right into the form, or was used prior to the shaping procedure.

Wiha Joint Design

Gedore Joint Design

Felo Joint Design

In regards to these 3 systems, I am mosting likely to score them based upon just how deep of an imprint was made throughout the production procedure with the much less invasion the much better.

The clear victor right here in my point of view is the Wera, which took care of to generate the ideal angle without even an acne. What they may have done is begun with a bigger size shaft and after that made use of a mill to eliminate any kind of flaws, however this is simply my assumption. I would certainly claim that this would certainly be the toughest joint of the 4.

Wera Joint Design

Joint Design Scoring


Lastly, we reach a group that isn’t absolutely subjective. The expense ranking is based upon the MSRP of each device. They are all reasonably the very same with the exception of the Gedore, which is a clear outlier. I’m not exactly sure what is taking place there.

Expense Scoring

Arm Length

Among one of the most essential facets of a countered screwdriver is the minimal elevation it requires to involve a bolt. This would certainly represent the size of the arm with the chauffeur little bit on it. The much shorter you can obtain this while still being useful the far better.

Wera Arm Length

Wiha Arm Length

Gedore Arm Length

Felo Arm Length

Arm Length Scoring

Little bit Fit

Currently we can lastly examine these chauffeurs on some bolts. I made a decision simply to examine with the Philips # 2 end since the Felo did not have a Philips # 1. Throwing up an examination component you can see why arm size is essential as the Wera and also Felo motorists did not have the necessary clearance to reach this bolt. I developed this little device with the objective to be an examination component for these chauffeurs, yet it really did not rather exercise this way.

Currently having a look at just how well the vehicle driver suits a normal bolt. The standards for this examination is exactly how should of the bolt fills the Philips dental caries in the screw. Along with, just how well does the vehicle driver show up to hold the bolt. First off we have the Felo. This most definitely done the most awful out of the whole lot in regards to the fit of the little bits. As you can see, it does not also show up to seat completely right into the bolt. It is virtually like they required to grind some product off completion of the little bit.

Felo Fit Test

Currently on the Gedore vehicle driver which as you can choose the bolt sometimes far better than the Felo. This set was in fact among the much better suitable drives, however I really did not think that completion of the little bit was in fact bad in the bolt.

Gedore Fit Test

Currently onto the Wiha which as you can see was likewise an extremely great fit. It seemed like the Wiha was really grasping the very best out of all them too.

Wiha Fit Test

The Wera was additionally a really good fit as well as I would certainly state it was a close 2nd to the Wiha. Their fits were virtually similar as well as I needed to attempt each a little bit often times prior to I chose that I suched as the feeling of the Wiha much better.

Wera Fit Test

It was rather clear that the loser remained in this examination which was the Felo. The Gedore had a wonderful fit however shed factors because of absence of complete interaction on the screw. I went back as well as forth in between making a decision top place in between the Wiha as well as Wera as well as I wound up selecting the Wiha due to the fact that it simply seemed like it was gripper much better than the Wera. This can likewise be due to the reduced center of mass as a result of a much shorter arm.

Little Bit Fit Scoring


Since we have actually appointed a rating to every of the groups, when we accumulate the heavy amounts the chauffeur with the most affordable rating victories. A best rating would certainly be 1 while the most awful rating would certainly be a 4.


In 4th area with a rating of 3.05 is the Felo motorist. The largest concerns with the Felo were the little bit in shape, arm size and also joint style. The Felo vehicle driver did rating high up on functional designs, surface area coating as well as was the most inexpensive of the prospects.

Fourth Place– Felo

3rd area mosts likely to Gedore with a rating of 3.00, simply defeating Felo. The largest problems with the Gedore were the high price, surface area acnes and also inadequate comfort designs because of being the fastest of the prospects. The important things that the Gedore has going all out is the much shorter arm size as well as this may be a great device for you if you definitely require a brief countered chauffeur.

The jogger up is the Wera chauffeur with a rating of 2.6. The only problem with the Wera that would certainly avoid it from making initially are the lengthy arm size which restricts its effectiveness. I truly suched as the take care of, joint styles as well as surface area coating of the Wera device.

Second Place– Wiha

And also lastly, the victor of the balanced out screwdriver face-off is Wiha with a rating 1.35. The Wiha system wins due to the fact that it fit the screws the very best in my point of view as well as it has the quickest arm size out of all the prospects. The system was quite possibly made as well as I can locate no production concerns.

First location– Wiha

Currently there is something that I must most likely explained which each of these motorists will certainly finish the job. You might come to an absolutely various final thought so do not hesitate to attempt the various other chauffeurs and also not simply the ones that racked up high.

Video clip Review

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