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Gedore Pin Punches – 119, 115, 316

Today we have a collection of Gedore-brand pin strikes. You have actually most likely seen several of these in operation in previous reconstruction video clips of classic German devices. I’ll look at 3 various designs of pin strikes that Gedore deals. All 3 of these collections are made in Germany.

Gedore Pin Punches– Three Styles

Gedore 106 D Set– 4mm 119 Style Pin Punch

The very first Gedore pin punch that I acquired became part of a collection of striking devices that can be found in this steel situation. This is the Gedore 106 D 6-piece sculpt and also punch collection. Along with a 4mm pin strike, the collection consists of 3 blades, a drift strike as well as facility strike. Today I’m just mosting likely to concentrate on the pin punch part of this established as it contrasts to the various other pin strike designs that Gedore deals.

Gedore 119 4mm Pin Punch

As you can see this collection has actually absolutely has actually been made use of. These strikes are extremely comparable to one more collection that I will certainly reach later on in this testimonial, and also I will certainly enter into even more information on the attributes of this design of strike when we reach that collection.

Gedore 115 Set– 8 Piece Set

The initial complete pin strike collection I have is the Gedore 115 8-piece collection. This collection is available in a steel instance with a shiny black paint surface. It likewise consists of a tab for awaiting a retail room that might likewise be utilized for holding on a device wall surface.

Gedore 115 8-Piece Set

Opening up the instance we see the within has the very same shiny black coating.

Gedore 115 Set– Silk-screened Sizes

There is an item of open-cell foam that is utilized to stop the strikes from rattling around the instance. I would certainly have suched as to have actually seen this glued down as opposed to simply in below loosened.

I truly simulate just how the strike dimensions were silk-screened on the rack below to conveniently recognize the strikes. What is fascinating regarding this collection is that the dimensions are noted with their real sizes rather than the profession dimension. Generally a 4mm pin strike is currently 3.9 mm to permit adequate clearance with punching a 4mm shaft, yet many suppliers will merely just note this as a 4mm strike.

The strikes consisted of in this collection are:

  • 0.9 x 80mm
  • 1.4 x 85mm
  • 1.8 x 88mm
  • 2.4 x 92mm
  • 2.8 x 96mm
  • 3.4 x 96mm
  • 3.9 x 100mm
  • 5.9 x 100mm

The 1.4, 2.4 and also 3.4 strike dimensions are not standard and also might just have unique applications.

115 Punch Features

The driving factor on these strikes is made from 115CrV3 device steel. This is additionally referred to as “Silver Steel” with a DIN code of 1.2210. The pins have actually been temper-hardened to a worth in between 55 and also 59 HRC.

Gedore 115 Tip

Analyzing the 115 type information we see an outstanding machining task on the overview sleeve. The knurling right here is excellent. Each of the strikes is marked with “Germany” and also the dimension near the top of the overview sleeve.

115 Punch– Excellent Knurling

Every one of the strikes besides the 5.9 mm have an overview sleeve that holds the pin being driven in to stay clear of feasible slippage of the strike. This can likewise be made use of to manage the deepness when driving a pin right into a blind opening.

Gedore 115 Guide Sleeve Extended

The 5.9 mm strike does not have an overview sleeve as well as has the solidified shaft press fit straight onto manage with a comparable coating.

115 5.9 mm Press-fit Tip

One downside to the type the 115 collection is that they are of the “short-form” range and also you might face tasks where the strike is not long sufficient to entirely eliminate a pin. I faced this when uncoupling the Gedore Dremometer as well as wound up needing to utilize the 119 strike to finish the work.

Gedore 316– 6 Piece Set

Next off, we’ll have a look at a brand-new collection that I simply got, the Gedore 316 D 6-piece pin strike collection.

Gedore 315 Case Front

Gedore 316 Set Label

This collection is so brand-new that I could not also discover it in the Gedore 2016-2017 directory, for that reason it has to have been an item that appeared within the in 2014. The steel instance has the exact same gloss black coating as the 115 collection.

This situation in fact has a hinged owner developed right into the instance that needs to be opened up to get rid of the strikes from their settings in the owner.

316 Set– Bottom Hinges Folded

Right away I discover that the foam utilized to hold the type location is in fact glued to the situation this moment. I’m not actually certain what sort of foam this is, it nearly seems like maybe some variant of memory foam. It is absolutely a denser foam than is made use of in the 115 situation.

316 Set– Foam Glued in position

316 Punch Features

The pin strikes consisted of in the 316 collection are a 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and also 10 mm. These have a sleek suggestion with the rest repainted in Gedore blue.

316 Set Punches

One point I located strange is that the 4mm strike was allured. I did inspect every one of the various other strikes and also this was the just one that was magnetic. I’m thinking that this was not deliberate and also some item of equipment in the manufacturing facility simply occurred to allure this strike throughout the manufacturing procedure.

316 4mm Punch was allured

One more fascinating factor concerning the 316 strikes is that there seems a rather noticable fillet on the suggestion.

316 Tip– Pronounced Fillet

On the other hand, the 115 strikes have a virtually 90 level side, simply sufficient of a chamfer to soothe.

115 Tip– Almost 90 level angle

Relying on the application for the strikes, one or the various other might be much better matched for the task. The 119 strike that was available in the 106 D collection was someplace in the center.

An additional point to keep in mind on the paint is that it will certainly scrape off in time. This is particularly real as you take them in as well as out of the steel owner. As long as you maintain the strikes fueled oil there should not be any type of concerns with rust.

119 vs 316 Punches

When I initially obtained the 316 collection, I figured it was simply a blue variation of the yellow 119 strikes. Nonetheless, there are a number of refined distinctions that need to be kept in mind. The initial is that the sleek surface area prolongs better on the 119 strike prior to the paint begins. The 2nd distinction is the incline of the fillet in between the shaft and also striking manage. They both show up to begin at the exact same area, however the 119 has extra noticable incline causing a much longer octagonal striking take care of.

119 vs. 316 Punch Styles

If I needed to think, the factor for this adjustment is possibly to conserve cash considering that it would certainly result is much less product being utilized to generate the device. Apart from the shade and also these 2 distinctions the 119 and also 316 strikes seem the exact same.

115 vs 119/316 Punches

The steel kind utilized in the both the 119 and also 316 strikes is a 45CrMoV7 range, which is a chrome-molybdenum-vanadium air solidified device steel. From the information sheets I might discover from numerous steel makers, this product has a regular solidity of 30 HRC. The vital point to keep in mind below is that this product is not almost as tough as the 115CrV3 steel made use of in the 115 collection.

In regards to rate, the 115 collection is substantially more than the 316 mainly as a result of the better steel that is needed for the tiny strikes to avoid them from flexing under tons. At the time of this evaluation, KC device has a 50% off sale on the 316 collection, which concerns $26. This is a lot for a German-made strike established if you require a basic function pin strike collection.

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KC Tool– 106 D Chisel/Punch Set with 119 Punch:

KC Tool– 115 8-Piece Set:

KC Tool– 316 6-Piece Set:

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