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Felo 62411 – 6-piece Ergonic® Screwdriver Set

Felo 62411

Today we have the Felo 62411 6-piece Ergonic ® Screwdriver established with situation. I got this collection due to the fact that it is presently on clearance over at KC Tool for under $25, which is a bargain considering they generally opt for about $40.

Felo 62411 Front

Felo 62411 Back

License Markings on Label

Straight off the front cover and also tag we see a license number that we can reference.

Felo 62411 Label

It can most definitely be difficult to arrange with all the attorney talk yet in recap I think this license was provided for a screwdriver deal with that has an internal as well as external core, wherein the internal core is softer than the external core. This is most definitely intriguing due to the fact that commonly it would certainly be vice versa. This principle is explained in the Felo directory that plainly reveals 2 kinds of soft rubber product within the deal with.

Considering that this license was submitted in 2007 it indicates that they hold this IP up until 2027, so this is something that would certainly be special to this certain line of product.


Back to the collection, allow’s go on and also split it open. We have a plastic insert within the situation with well-fitting inserts for each and every of the screwdrivers.

Felo 62411 in Case

” Flexible” Driver Handles

Among the very first points you see regarding the Ergonic ® line of screwdrivers is that they show up have a semi-flexible manage, where you can literally flex it by hand. I do not believe the screwdriver is really being curved, however rather this is simply a contortion of the softer internal product. It looks like having the manage flex such as this would certainly not permit as much torque on the bolt considering that several of that is moving to the soft product under stress.

Warping a take care of

Storage space Case

Getting the insert we see that this is really a quite wonderful polypropylene instance. If you make a decision to get rid of the screwdrivers completely out of the instance you can quickly discover various other usages for the container.

Polypropylene Case can be repurposed

Plastic Insert

The plastic insert is certainly not sturdy and also would most likely break if you abuse it or reveal it to UV for any kind of prolonged amount of time. As a result, this would possibly not be the most effective readied to maintain in your vehicle as a result of the resonance as well as prospective sunlight direct exposure.

Vehicle Driver Handle Impressions/ Features

Each of the vehicle drivers has a black rubber manage that is a fair bit softer than that you see in various other brand name chauffeur deals with. It is difficult to explain, however I would certainly saw it really feels comparable to the sidewall on a tire.

Handles are adaptable adequate to warp them by hand

The rubber deals with consist of a great quantity of silkscreen markings consisting of the vehicle driver dimension in addition to the TUV as well as GS security accreditations. And also as significant these chauffeurs are made in Germany.

Takes care of with Lots of Silkscreening

The Felo noting on the motorist deal with is in fact reduced right into the manage revealing the difficult yellow plastic listed below.

Felo Label really Part of the plastic take care of

Completions of the chauffeurs are made from a strong yellow plastic together with a big opening for hanging.

Plastic Hole for Hanging on a Tool Board

Establish Contents

The chauffeurs consisted of in this collection are:

  • From the Slotted 400 Series:
    • Slotted 3.0 x 0.5 x 80 mm
    • Slotted 4.0 x 0.8 x 100 mm
    • Slotted 5.5 x 1.0 x 125 mm
    • Slotted 6.5 x 1.2 x 100 mm
  • From the Philips 402 Series:
    • Philips # 1 x 80 mm
    • Philips # 2 x 100 mm

Motorist Tips

The idea of these systems are excellent and also have the very same efficiency as the various other Felo motorists I possess. After utilizing them for a long time I did not see any type of considerable wear as well as appear to be made from really quality steel.


I did discover that the rubber on these takes care of often tends to get dirt and also particles a whole lot less complicated than various other motorists I have actually utilized. I think this is since it might be developing a fixed cost as you utilize it. As a result, this most likely would not be the most effective readied to utilize with ESD delicate tools.

I lately made use of these motorists to finish the reconstruction of the Fein Tapper. While utilizing these vehicle drivers awhile I saw that the rubber surface area appears to be taking in any type of chemicals or oils it enters into call with. It does not resemble there is any kind of simple method to cleanse this surface area. I would typically make use of isopropyl alcohol for this, yet it does not show up to have much of a result.


For the existing rate factor of under $25, this is a fantastic little bench-top collection to have. It would certainly likewise make a wonderful present for a person that is not acquainted with the high quality of German devices.

Video clip Review


Acquire this at KC Tool:

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Polypropylene Case can be repurposed

Manages with Lots of Silkscreening

Felo 62411 Front

Felo 62411 Back

Felo 62411 Label

Polypropylene Latches

Felo 62411 in Case

Ergonic Catalog Extract

Warping a deal with

Handles are versatile sufficient to warp them by hand

Felo Label in fact Part of the plastic take care of

Plastic Hole for Hanging on a Tool Board

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