hazet-916hp-ratchet-2 Hazet
Hazet 916HP Ratchet
Today we are mosting likely to have a look at the Hazet 916HP 1/2″ Drive cog. This is really a new item from Hazet, presented in very early 2018.
250mm-push-button-slip-joint-pliers-showdown Gedore
250mm Push-Button Slip Joint Pliers Showdown
Today we have a face-off of push-button slip-joint flexible pliers. These are likewise called water pump pliers as well as Network Locks.
bit-ratchet-showdown-2 Felo
Bit Ratchet Showdown
Today we have the little bit ratchet face-off. Little bit cogs resemble small 1/4″ drive cogs with the drive design being an insert for 1/4″
hazet-190l-1-plastic-tote-2 Hazet
Hazet 190L-1 Plastic Tote
Today we are mosting likely to do a little bit of a mini-review of the Hazet 190L-1 plastic lug. While I’m uncertain if this is made straight by
hazet-pressol-2160-200ml-oiler Hazet
Hazet/Pressol 2160 200ml Oiler
Today we have the Hazet 2160 200 milliliter oiler. Thanks to those that mentioned throughout the KC Tool unpacking episode that this item is made by Pressol