German Tool Reviews

German Tool Reviews

Demystify the world of quality German-manufactured tools through detailed reviews and information on the best German tools and brands.

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Welcome to German Tool Reviews

Our mission is to demystify the world of quality German-manufactured tools. Good tools can make all the difference on a project and can really help beginners and experienced craftsmen alike.

We review tools and tell you what you need to know so that the only legwork that you need to do is in the shop. To be fair, some brands and tools do have unearned clout – but we will steer you away from those, that’s our job!

Just like all good renovations and relationships, our site is a constant work in progress. We are committed to uploading content regularly, so feel free to bookmark us (shortcut Ctrl+D in Windows, or click and drag into the favourites if you’re using a Mac).

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A comprehensive list of German tool manufactures

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Wiha 38048 Stubby 6-in-1 multi-bit chauffeur collection review.

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Review of the Stahlwille 10/8 8 double-ended open end spanner wrench collection.